ALEGRÍA  -  Una fantastica ode alla vita  -  Cirque du Soleil

Montréal, Québec


Photography: © Camirand, Al Seib, Daniel Desmarais, Cirque du Soleil

Costumes: Dominique Lemieux © Cirque du Soleil

Chain Bridge - Budapest - on


New York Palace - on

The Nostalgic Old Birds - believe the idea that they are still young and beautiful and the future is still theirs.

Blue Danube - on

The White Singer -

Hallway -New York Café - on

The Nymphs - 

 New York Café - Budapest - on

The Black Singer - 

Eszterházy Torta - New York Café- on

The band -  The Alegría soundtrack is the best-selling Cirque du Soleil album to date.

Fountain - New York Palace -

Contortion -The refined Mongolian art - Extreme flexibility and balance

Descrizione immagine

The Clown - The Snowstorm act  performed to the song "Nocturne"

Fresco - Guszav Mainnheimer and Ferenc Eisenhut - New York Palace -

Manipulation - The flexibility of contortion and the grace of ballet into one act

Magnificent interiors → New York Palace - Budapest  -

Flying Man - Incredible skill, agility and strength

Magnificent interiors → New York Palace - Budapest -

Tamir - Always available and ever helpful

New York Palace - Hotel Boscolo - Magnificent interiors →  -

Hand Balancing - Romantic and elegant act - impressive control, great strength and flexibility

Lobby - Luxury Hotel - Budapest -

Fire-Knife Dance - Tribal and magical authentic ritual dance

Atrium - Royal Luxury Hotel - Budapest - Boscolo -

Aerial High Bars

Presidential Suite - Budapest - Boscolo Hotels  -